The Merit doesn’t exist or The desire to see donkey races

Longchamps 2030 AD


When you have an idea, you should commit to it, until the end.The merit is dead, long live the merit. Or maybe I should say that the merit never existed to begin with.

What is merit ?

The first logical thought to have is to define merit. It comes from the latin meritum, the reward / your share of the loot.

The thesis : Merit does not exist.

Today the french meritocracy (but it applies to the US even harder because there the “social mobility”, aka the ability to move from one social class to another, is even lower) and the “privileges” are back. Back in the day in old Europe, the nobility had privileges for accessing schools, positions, army ranks etc… the meritocracy was created to tackle that and establish more equality. But today, and everyone knows that, the kids from higher social classes have much higher chances to succeed at school and the ranks of Yale and Harvard are filled with the heirs of rich families. In today’s society (less in America than France I must admit) the scholarship determines your career. This social reproduction is a problem I do not deny it. But there is a difference between highlighting a problem and implying that merit does not exist even if you use it as tool to develop solutions to social reproduction.

To deny merit — The consequences

Of course the social environment is inherited and some talents are possessed from birth. Of course it lessens the merit the person deserves, but does it nullify it? I invite you to the following experience of thought with me : let’s take two intelligent monozygotic twins Luc and Louis, both have the same social environment then and let’s suppose too that they are from a very wealthy family. Luc is a hard worker and Louis lazy. Following the thesis above, if Louis fails it’s his fault, because he would not have worked enough and the responsibility is his. But if Luc succeeds then he is not worthy of anything nor responsible because he has no merit.

To suppress the idea of merit has a lot of consequences.

The first one is the ideology it induces. It is a total socialism, here socialism means “the behavior of someone is completely determined/explained by its social environment”. Hence some kind of determinism.

Nobles Objectives — Degenerated conclusions

I do not doubt that the people in this debate are highly educated and want the good of society (like Comrade Stalin did for instance). They are probably fight for equality of opportunity and for the right for everyone to accomplish themselves. But they came with a harmful conclusion for mankind, I will start to believe that it’s the fate of leftism…